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MagPro Coils


List of Magventure Coils

C-100  Circular Standard 110 mm 
C-B60 Standard Standard 75 mm
DB-80 Butterfly  Standard 2 x 80 mm
MC-125 Circular Standard 114 mm
MC-B35 Butterfly Standard 47 mm 
MC-B65-HO-2m and 8m Butterfly Standard 75 mm 
MC-B70 Butterfly Standard 100 mm
MC-P-B70 Placebo Butterfly Standard 100 mm 
MMC-140 Parabolic Standard 120 mm 
MMC-140-II con controllo di potenza Parabolic Standard 126 mm 
MMC-90 Parabolic Standard 87 mm 
MRi-B90-II Butterfly Standard 2 x 75/92 
RT-120 Racetrack Elliptic Standard 80x160mm 
RT-120-II Racetrack Elliptic Standard 80x160mm 
COOL-125 Circular Raffreddamento Dinamico 121 mm
COOL-B35 Butterfly Raffreddamento Dinamico 46 mm
COOL-B65 A/P Butterfly Raffreddamento Dinamico 75 mm
COOL-B65 Butterfly Raffreddamento Dinamico 75 mm
COOL-B70  Butterfly Raffreddamento Dinamico 97 mm
COOL-D-B80 Butterfly Raffreddamento Dinamico 2x95 mm
MCF-125 Circular Raffreddamento Statico 121 mm
MCF-75 Circular Raffreddamento Statico  65 mm
MCF-B65 Butterfly Raffreddamento Statico 75 mm
MCF-B70 Butterfly Raffreddamento Statico 97 mm
MCF-P-B65 Placebo Butterfly Raffreddamento Statico 75 mm
MCF-P-B70 Placebo Butterfly  Raffreddamento Statico 97 mm


Selection Criteria for Magnetic Stimulating Coils

magpro coilsCoils are available in various sizes and shapes; Magventure produces a wide range of models to suit all types of applications, from routine to advanced.

Large coils provide a high penetration depth, but cannot be very focused at the same time. The small coils, however, are more focused, but have a relatively feeble penetration depth. The coils come in many sizes and shapes. The two most commonly used coils are the circular shaped coil and the butterfly shaped coil (or the “figure of 8” coil).

MC125 traspCircular coils
The induced current in the tissue occurs under
the windings; consequently fairly large area of body tissue will be stimulated. The circular coil may be positioned conveniently over many parts of the body and usually serves well as a “general purpose coil”.

CB60 traspButterfly coils
The Butterfly coils are more focused in comparison with the circular coils. The two windings are placed side-by-side, enabling the coil to stimulate structures with focus right under its center. The butterfly coil is useful in focused stimulation of deep structures.

MC-B70Coils with fluid
Magnetic stimulating coils become warm during use because energy is deposited in the coil due to electrical resistance. To prevent fast overheating in the coil, coils with a reservoir of fluid (F-coils) have been developed. The fluid partially absorbs the heat, enabling the coil to perform more stimuli. These coils are not recommended for MagPro Compact. When making more than a few stimuli, place the coil in a holding device. See separate section in this catalogue for a description of the Flexible Arm.

cool-b65Coils with external cooling
Where a very high number of stimuli are required at high repetition rates and long pulse trains, extra cooling is necessary. Cool-Coils with external Cooler Unit fulfill these requirements. These coils are not recommended for MagPro Compact. When making more than a few stimuli, place the coil in a holding device. See separate section in this catalogue for a description of the Flexible Arm.

Note: More details on each single coil are available only in Italian

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