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MagPro Compact


The MagPro Compact is designed for clinical use together with EMG equipmenth


The MagPro Compact is designed for clinical use together with EMG equipment. Its features include biphasic stimulation waveform stimulation, rates up to 5 pulses per second, independent of output intensity, Output intensity set-up integrated into the coil handle together with the trigger button, maximum output power equal to that of the MagPro X100 Highly mobile and simple-to-use


  • Examination of the physiology of the motor pathways in the central and peripheral nervous system

  • Is used to assess diagnosis and to monitor diseases by the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ( TMS )

  Main Features

  • Wave form: Biphasic
  • Pulse width: 280µS
  • Repetition rate: 5 Hz
  • Peak magnetic field: 1 - 4 Tesla
  • Dimensions: 11x39x44 cm
  • Weight: 20K


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Trigger Input

  • Pulse width > 10µS
  • Levels accepted: TTL + CMOS
  • Input impedance > 10 KΩ
  • polarity: Falling edge

Trigger Output

  • Pulse width > 50µS
  • Levels accepted: TTL
  • Input impedance < 100 Ω
  • polarity: Falling edge


Coils available

magpro coils

The magnetic stimulators line MagPro of Magventure includes 26 different types of coils to cover all  diagnostic, therapeutic and research applications:

  • circular
  • butterfly
  • parabolic
  • elliptic
  • placebo
  • for MRI


Magnetic stimulating coils become warm during use, because energy is deposited in the coil due to electrical resistance. To prevent fast overheating in the coil, coils with a reservoir of fluid (F-coils) have been developed. The fluid partially absorbs the heat, enabling the coil to perform more stimuli.

MCF-B65 smallClick here to see MagPro Coils page, containing coils details


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