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MagPro R100


MagPro R100 is an high-performance, non-invasive magnetic stimulators for use in both the clinic and in medical research


The MagPro R100 is an advanced, high-performance magnetic stimulator ideal for neuronal and muscular stimulation.


  • Examining the physiology of the motor pathways in the central and peripheral nervous system

  • Examining the functional aspects of motor nerve stimulation

  • Monitoring of muscle function through physiological stimulation

  • Monitor diseases by controlling neuroplasticity



  • Biphasic waveform
  • Pulse Width: 280µS
  • Stimulation rate up to 100 pps
  • Single stimulus mode, continuous and train mode, pulse mode and train mode with adjustable number of trains and rest periods 
  • Ramp powered mode with adjustable ramp-up, ramp-down and plateau time
  • Sweep frequency mode with adjustable rising, falling and plateau frequency time
  • Traverse mode with automatic adjustment of the stimulation time versus the length of the stimulation area
  • Dimensions: 21x53x40 cm
  • Weight: 33 Kg


Performance of stimulation

Output versus Repetition Rate 


  Wave form stimulation frequency 
  5 Hz 10 Hz 20 Hz 30 Hz 50 Hz 75 Hz 100 Hz


100 % 100 % 90 % 72 % 55 % 40 % 30 %


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Trigger input

  • Pulse width > 5µs
  • Accepted levels: TTL + CMOS
  • Input Impedance > 10 KΩ
  • Polarity: Falling edge

Trigger output

  • Pulse width > 30µs
  • Accepted levels: TTL
  • Input Impedance < 200 Ω
  • Polarity: Falling edge


Coils available

rt120 rt120IIIn combination with the magnetic stimulator MagPro R100 is often used the coil RT-120 (also available with power control integrated) that, due to its elliptical shape, allows stimulation of large muscles reaching the threshold motor with low levels of energy delivered from the stimulator.
For this overheats less easily than traditional coils. The coil RT-120 has been used to assist the act of coughing in tetraplegic patients and patients with spinal cord injury, this method has proved very effective to stimulate the respiratory muscle function and to help patients in coughing adequately.

The version of the coil with power control RT-120 II is indicated for the stimulation of large muscles on the leg or in the back for the rehabilitation.


magpro coils

The magnetic stimulators line MagPro of Magventure have as many as 26 different types of coils to cover all applications diagnostic, therapeutic and research:

  • circular
  • butterfly
  • parabolic
  • elliptic
  • placebo
  • for MRI


The system based on liquid cooling allows sessions of repetitive stimulation in long duration without overheating problems

MCF-B65 smallClick here to see the MagPro Coils page, containing coils detail


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