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riabilitazione cognitiva e muscolare



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Posizionamento elettrodi EEG PinPoint



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Near Infrared Spectroscopy fino a 128 canali



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analisi e statistiche dati clinici 


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processi cerebrali 


Pubblicazioni, articoli e studi con Equivital 

Fin dal suo esordio il sistema Equivital ha suscitato notevole interesse per la sua versatilità ad essere utilizzato in più settori. Di seguito vengono elencate le principali pubblicazioni suddivise per applicazioni Cliniche, Fisiologiche, di Pronto soccorso, Militare, Temperatura, Biometria e Polisonnografia:


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Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate during fitness training,
obstacle course runs, and mass casualty simulations-performance of two warfighter physiological status monitoring systems.
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First Responder

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Is There A Cumulative Physiological Effect On Fire - Instructors During 5 Consecutive Days Of Live Fire Training.
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ohn S Cuddy 
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Occupational Health

Richard Adderley and Michelle Smith 
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Umberto C. Gatti, Giovanni C. Migliaccio, Suzanne Schneider, Rafael Fierro.
Assessing physical strain in construction workforce: a first step for improving safety and productivity management 
Paper from 27th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2010).

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